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This is our latest rehab project in Minneapolis. The deal almost came apart before we were able to close due to a lender we had not coming through at the last minute. Luckily for us, a fellow Fortune Builder was there to save the day and was able to pull the funding together to make this work.

We are expecting around a 12 month total turn around on this one because of how much work is going to go into it. Here are some of the main improvements that we are planning to make. In the kitchen we will be opening it up to make it larger while adding new everything. Updating all 4 bathrooms while moving 1. We will be making a huge master suite upstairs which will look amazing when complete. All of the windows will be replaced except for 2 which are stained glass and look to cool to remove! All of the flooring throughout will be redone. We will be adding new carpet to the bedrooms. Plank laminate flooring will go in most other areas and we will refinish some of the original hardwood flooring that is still in excellent shape. The basement is currently unfinished but that will be completed to add some more finished square footage to the property. The outside will be getting a full makeover as well! New siding and gutters for the house and garage. Also we will be ditching all of the awnings that are very outdated.

It’s a huge project but we are looking forward to it all. Work begins soon and we will be posting updates. Stay tuned!

Here are some as found pictures:

February 22 Update: The second floor bedrooms and bathroom are no more. The Sheetrock has been taken out of all rooms and bathroom. Take a look.

February 23 update:   Siding on the house and garage is outta here!


February 26 update:   Old siding off the front and sides of the house. New siding going on. Alot has changed in one week!


April 1st Updates:   Siding is now complete! New roof installed. Black roof, white siding. Windows will have black frames when they come in. It’ll look like a new house!


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